Tracheotomy intubation! 70-year-old critically ill patient with new coronary pneumonia rescued


The vital signs of this 70-year-old patient have turned on “red lights”. Whether it is high-flow oxygen inhalation or intubation, the patient cannot maintain ideal oxygen saturation.

After multiple consultations and repeated confirmations, the medical team chose to perform tracheotomy. A member of the Jiangsu Aid Hubei Medical Team and the chief physician of Qiao Li, the Emergency Medical Center of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, said that the choice of tracheotomy was “percutaneous gas resection”, which requires less trauma to the patient and requires high accuracy.

The moment the patient’s trachea is cut, a large amount of secreted aerosol will be ejected, which is a high risk for infection for medical staff. At the remote consultation center, everyone stared nervously at the screen.

Qiao Li led the medical staff around the patients. Although “Baibai” wearing protective clothing looked bulky, their movements were gentle and fast. It took only 5 minutes to complete the key procedures of tracheotomy. After the operation, the patient’s airway obstruction improved significantly, and the arterial oxygen saturation increased from 80% to 100% (normal value 95%), which was basically out of danger.

The center of the country’s “war epidemic” is Wuhan. Wuhan’s most important task at present is to improve the rescue rate of critically ill patients. “We work hard to treat more critically ill patients.”

Translated from the Economic Daily.

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