Professor Lin Zhengbin passed away from new crown pneumonia

Professor Lin Zhengbin, a doctor from the Department of Organ Transplantation at Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, passed away yesterday from coronavirus pneumonia, also dubbed COVID-19.

It is difficult to know that my friend, classmate, and roommate Professor Lin Zhengbin passed away in this way. We doctors use our lives to save others’ lives! I hope everyone treats the doctors better and better! Professor Lin Zhengbin is also a good friend of our hospital. He guided kidney transplantation in our hospital many times around 1987. I hope heaven has no grievances! Said Dr. Yang Junfa from the People’s Hospital of Yichang City Center, Hubei province.

Lin Zhengbin, male, deputy chief physician, associate professor, vice chairman of the Wuhan Medical Association Organ Transplantation Branch. He graduated from Tongji Medical College in 1983 and has been engaged in clinical organ transplantation since 1983. In 1996, he studied for one year at Kanazawa Medical University in Japan. Dr. Lin mainly engaged in kidney transplantation. Dr. Lin specialized in renal transplantation surgery and postoperative treatment, blood creatinine rises after renal transplantation, comprehensive treatment of proteinuria after renal transplantation. Dr. Lin has a wealth of clinical experience in the treatment of various infections and tumor complications after renal transplantation.


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