Vocalist: Pamela De Alba (Mexico)

Pianist: John Ding (Malaysia)

Songwriter [Original in Chinese: Duan Sisi(China); Tan Xuan(China)]

English Songwriter: David Jones (USA); 邱林 (China)

Lyrics Translation: 邱林(China)

Sponsor: MedCramChina.com


The morning summer breeze
Awakes the bugs and bees
The bamboo beds hold children as they dream

Hot and dry noodle soup
Smell it as it stews
Mouths are watering, friends are gathering too

The city is my home
The place where I have grown
The lover’s bridge keeps promises we know

Driving late at night
For something that tastes right
Beneath those city lights

The words of Huang He Lou
Fill my soul with truth
As ancient poets greet me in my heart

Just we may criticize
While others emphasize
Your beauty, Wuhan Yaaa

We were soaked on Jianghan Road
The soda factory’s closed
And in its place a winery arose

We’re puffing out our chest
We boast with no regret
The wandering son is coming home to rest

This place is my home
The place where I have grown
With palm-leaf fans to beat the summer sun

And snowy winter skies
Give flavor to our lives
My hometown, Wuhan yaaa

We will guard our home
No matter where we roam
Our wandering feet turn back to her good ground

And if today she needs
Some help from you and me
Let’s join hands all around
Let’s join hands all around

The intellectual property of the lyrics belongs to David Jones and Lin Qiu. No one is allowed to use the lyrics without consent from WuhanSOS.com. [歌词由David Jones和邱林创作;未经允许任何人及机构不准使用本歌词。


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