Dr. Nanshan Zhong Emotionally Talks about the Death of Dr. Wenliang Li

Dr. Nanshan Zhong, a Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist that discovered the SARS coronavirus in 2003,  praises Dr. Wenliang Li as a hero for his courage of publicizing the COVID-19 epidemic late December 2019.

Dr. Zhong says he is proud of him (Dr. Li). ‘ He told people the truth (of the COVID-10 epidemic) in late December, and then passed away. According to Dr. Zhong, the second day after the death of Dr. Li, people in Wuhan, as well as in other Chinese cities, held a SHORT mourning memorial for Dr. Li by turning on mobile flashlights for a couple of minutes.

Many Chinese people “suppose Dr. Li is a hero, including me. He is a Chinese doctor, and I think the majority of Chinese doctors (would act) actually like him. ”

Dr. Zhong was emotional during the interview.



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