Benefits of Plasma Therapy for Novel Coronas Virus Patients far Outweigh its Potential Risks

The benefits of plasma therapy for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients far outweigh its potential risks, said Dr. Dingyu Zhang, the Director of Jinyintan Hospital, which is one of the primary hospitals admitting and treating COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, the epicenter.

The blood donation volume of a plasma donor should be 200 ml to 400 ml, depending on the donor’s recovery status and his health conditions. The current age requirement for donors is between 18 and 55, and if the donor’s physical conditions permit, the can also be relaxed to 60, said Dr. Zhang during a CCTV interview.

In Jinyintan Hospital, 4 patients have been treated with plasma from COVID-19 recovered patients and their blood oxygen has stabilized. This is a positive change, and I hope that the restoring plasma can help severely ill patients. As such, it is critical for recovered patients to continue to donate plasma.

Are there risks to plasma therapy? Dr. Zhang said that any treatment method has certain risks, and there are also uncertain factors in plasma input. However, plasma therapy becomes a necessary option in the treatment of critically ill patients, and the potential risks are far less than the benefits. At present, plasma input is mainly used for the treatment of severely ill patients, said Dr. Zhang.

Most patients can recover on their own, but this does not mean that they don’t need treatment, said Dr. Zhang.

Translated from CCTV News

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