A radiologist fell asleep against the wall subsequent to 16-hour continuous work

At 10:00 am on February 14th, Li Chen, a radiologist, took a photo of his colleague Zhang Rui at the People’s Hospital,  Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Zhang Rui, wearing tight yet unprofessional protective clothing (lacking professional protective clothing), had started to work from 6 pm on the 13th and had been working for 16 hours in a row, during which time he had performed 26 CT and X-ray chest examinations. Having remained awake all night, he fell asleep against the wall while waiting for the patients to transfer locations.

Li Chen told the reporter that because the new hospital area has just opened, according to the needs of work arrangements, radiologists are divided into two shifts. Zhang Rui had been on an 8-hour regular shift on the 13th, but because of the opening of the new campus, Zhang Rui offered to let Li Chenxian go home for a few more hours of rest and took the initiative to take the evening shift on the 13th. Chen said that Zhang Rui has a strong sense of responsibility.

Translated from Red Star News

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