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I am a Chinese citizen working in Chicago. I am also the designer, blog writer, translator and webmaster of WuhanSOS.com, a website that is NOT affiliated with any political entity.

On January 30, 2020, WHO announced the new coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan as a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), which prompted me to think that this regional epidemic could turn into a global pandemic.

Time matters, so does timing. On the same day (which was still the Chinese lunar New Year holiday), I stayed up late and at around 3 am, January 31, I completed Wuhanliveson.com development. Given the emergency of the crisis, on January 31, I decided to give up Wuhanliveson.com and instead built WuhanSOS.com, and at 2 pm February 1st, WuhanSOS.com appeared on the internet.

In terms of website content, I primarily focused on two areas: contributions/sacrifices from the Chinese doctors and nurses (it hurts me that many of them lost their lives!) and newly released scientific discoveries (in China) in relation to the prevention/treatment of COVID-19. I believe that these medical innovations could benefit both China and the international community. As the epidemic has turned into a global pandemic, I am of the opinion that the international medical community can use the medical discoveries in China to facilitate epidemic precautions, clinical trials, as well as vaccine developments.

Maintaining/updating WuhanSOS.com is arduous work, particularly given the fact that I have to do my regular salary-making job. As such, please excuse me for any unprofessional translations that I completed often within the shortest possible time.

Thank you for reading this message. God bless Wuhan; Gob bless the world!

Lin Qiu

Blog writer, translator, webmaster of WuhanSOS.com


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