A female doctor from Zhejiang shouted My God after she had entered the ICU of COVID-19 patients in Wuhan

On the third day after arriving in Wuhan, Xu Huilian called her husband, “You have to take care of the two daughters, and don’t let them be infected.” At the end of the phone, she said in a joke, “I have two daughters, I Both genes have been inherited, and even if there is any accident, it is not a pity. ”

More than a week after Wu Xiaohong arrived in Wuhan, while chatting with her colleagues, someone suddenly said, “Shall we make a will.” She was silent for a few seconds, and suddenly said a word: “Live to death.”

Xu Huilian and Wu Xiaohong are both Zhejiang doctors who support Wuhan. One is the Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital of Zhejiang Province, and the other is the Chief Physician of the Respiratory Department of Shao Yifu Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

Fighting against new crown pneumonia, this war is without gunpowder, but extremely dangerous. They and their colleagues are at the forefront of the unknown pressure, whether physical or psychological, are moving forward with a heavy load every day.

She shouted in my heart: my god

February 8 is the Lantern Festival. This is the 14th day of Wu Xiaohong’s coming to Wuhan, and it is also her most comfortable day: 7 patients from the Wuhan Pu’ai Hospital recovered and were discharged from the hospital that day.

On the first day of the new year, Zhejiang organized the first batch of 135 medical teams to go to Wuhan. Wu Xiaohong was one of them. They supported Wuhan Pu’ai Hospital. When she first arrived there, she felt that the situation was worse than expected. “One is that the patient base is large, and the other is that the disease is really very contagious.”

On the day Wu Xiaohong and his colleagues arrived in Wuhan, 618 cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in Wuhan. Three days later, the number rose to 2261.

Dong Lingfeng, a critical care nurse at Shaw Run Hospital, who is also a member of the medical team, went through the hospital’s fever clinic at 8 pm and saw more than 200 people waiting.

They also saw some colleagues in Wuhan working around the clock with heavy workload.

“What surprises us most is that the risk of infection by medical staff is relatively high, and the virus is indeed very contagious.” Wu Xiaohong described himself at the time: hesitated in his heart.

Earlier, a doctor who supported Wuhan wrote in his diary: I heard that a local doctor working on the same floor was diagnosed. We have mixed feelings. We are both worried about this doctor and whether we are at risk of infection.

Wu Xiaohong and colleague Pei Borui

Xu Huilian, who was supported at Wuhan Tianyou Hospital, felt another kind of pressure.

She arrived in Wuhan with the Zhejiang Emergency Medical Team on January 28. When I went to work in the general ward on February 3, I didn’t feel anything abnormal. The next day, the person in charge of the work liaison group asked: The hospital’s intensive care group physicians are short on staff and need support. Which physician has experience in the intensive care unit?

Xu Huilian, who has 10 years of ICU experience and 10 years of experience in the respiratory department, signed up as soon as possible.

After entering the ICU, Xu Huilian shouted in his heart: My God!

“Almost all the patients inside have been given pure oxygen, which means that it has reached a very dangerous level. Usually in the ICU, I will not encounter a whole batch of such patients. For me, this is a big shock and my heart is very heavy. ”

In order to protect themselves, the medical staff was careful.

When Xu Huilian was in the hospital, she did not take off her mask, took off her protective clothing, did n’t eat, drink or go to the toilet to avoid occupational exposure. In the hotel where she stayed, she prepared an ultraviolet lamp and put it in the bathroom. After entering, all her clothes were disinfected.

Chen Yueliang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Shao Yifu Hospital, who belongs to the same medical team as Wu Xiaohong, said that the hospital opened a special office for lunch for medical staff. ”

Dong Lingfeng said that in the hotel, everyone didn’t visit each other and really wanted to chat, so they stood at the door of the room and said a few words.

To protect themselves, the battle can continue, and to win, this is the first step they must take.

Dong Lingfeng

I especially want to hug her

“It takes courage to come to Wuhan. Isolating the ward is a test of physical strength and psychological endurance.” After Wu Xiaohong said this, she was suddenly silent, and she didn’t know where to start.

The test of physical strength is self-evident: wear protective equipment for seven or eight hours a day, and do not eat or drink. Sometimes all the clothes inside are soaked, and the skin is itchy and dare not scratch.

Wu Xiaohong originally had neurodermatitis. Every time I put on that set of equipment, the shoulders and neck became very itchy as soon as I got hot and sweated, but I could only bear it.

“Some nurses have relatively tender skin, and their skin is a little bit rotten over time. When we come out of the isolation ward, we have to use alcohol swabs to scrub our ears and noses. The taste is really sour.”

If these tolerances pass, the psychological shock will take more time to calm down.

Wu Xiaohong still can’t forget an old lady in her 60s who is a confirmed patient of new coronary pneumonia.

When Wu Xiaohong asked her medical history, she asked her family about her programmatically.

“She said that my husband died two days ago because of this disease. When she said this, her eyes were empty and confused. Some people would be very fierce when their relatives died, such as crying, But her mood was calm, a kind of helpless calm. ”

The old man had a lot of films in her hand. When she handed a bunch of films to Wu Xiaohong, she took out a few more and said that it was her husband’s. She should keep it safe and use it at the funeral home to collect ashes, At these times, the tone is particularly calm, like saying a common thing that has nothing to do with life and death. ”

Wu Xiaohong’s heart was choked at once, her tears burst into her eyes, and she tried hard not to let it fall. “I particularly wanted to hug the old man.”

Afterwards, Wu Xiaohong learned that the old man’s son was also hospitalized because of new coronary pneumonia. “I really don’t know how to describe this feeling.”

After all this, Wu Xiaohong sighed in a low voice.

Xu Huilian will ask the patient to let her family bring some milk to increase nutrition. Some people hesitated a moment and whispered, “There is no one in the family and they are all in isolation.”

At that moment, Xu Huilian didn’t know how to answer. She finally advised the patient, “Let the family members of the same ward help bring some.”

Xu Huilian

When encountering such emotions, Wu Xiaohong missed her family in particular. “Everyday at home, no matter what happens at work, as long as I go back, even if I do n’t say anything, I will relax when I see my family. This family’s emotional comfort is inevitable. Instead. Here, you need to digest slowly. ”

Fortunately i’m here

Xu Huilian, who entered the intensive care unit, was constantly doing psychological construction.

The day after she entered the intensive care unit, a colleague in the general ward told her that the day before, a patient in the ward had left, “That’s a young man, only in his 30s.”

After that, Xu Huilian participated in the rescue of a male patient in his 60s. “He got on the ventilator, but his vital signs were stable and well coordinated. Looking at his physique, his liver and kidney function was no problem.”

Just when Xu Huilian felt that he could save himself from danger, one day later, when she came to work, she discovered that the male patient’s bed had been changed.

“Suddenly left, it takes only one day for full play.” At that moment, Xu Huilian was a little hesitant. “I didn’t expect it to be so fast. The previous rescue, most of the time, will take a long time, and find a family to talk repeatedly. Here, everything is fast. I It felt like the patient and I had just met in a hurry and didn’t have time to look at him carefully. ”

Sometimes, Xu Huilian will feel powerless and frustrated because of this, “As a doctor, I usually have the ability to save many people. But at this time, I will feel helpless.”

Xu Huilian’s sense of weakness, Wu Xiaohong also has, she often assumes: if not in such a special period …

At this time, Wu Xiaohong would think: Fortunately, I am here. “Doctors are not a panacea in the face of illness, but when you come here, you can do something, and maybe change something. To be honest, we have never felt how brave we are and how much responsibility we just want to do. Everyone Think of it this way, something will always change. ”

For my colleagues in Wuhan, this change is probably better understood.

Earlier, there were media reports that the medical staff of a hospital in Wuhan cried when they saw the medical team from outside the province, saying that the reinforcements had finally arrived, and they could not sustain it.

“Their respiratory doctors haven’t rested for a month.” Said Wu Yuehong’s colleague Chen Yueliang, a doctor at Shao Yifu Hospital.

Wu Xiaohong also felt the hard work of the local medical staff. “They are really hard. Some people ca n’t go home for a week, and they need to be quarantined for 14 days. They ca n’t go back. They can only talk to the mobile phone video and talk to our children. Later, how much can help them relieve a little stress. ”

She is lying on the floor with the patient

On the third day after entering the intensive care unit, Xu Huilian encountered a crisis.

A 60-year-old female patient suddenly became manic, tore off her oxygen-absorbing mask, and unplugged the infusion tube stiffly, and the whole person slipped down from the bed.

“I and 5 colleagues rushed over and wanted to put on the mask. This was a terrible thing. She had severe hypoxia. Without a mask, her face quickly turned blue-purple.”

The patient kicked and beat, shouting to Xu Huilian, “I want a doctor, I want 10 doctors, and let the doctor save me.”

Xu Huilian shouted, “I’m a doctor, put on your mask!”

Xu Huilian

To no avail.

Not much care, Xu Huilian and his colleagues approached the patient and tried to lift her to bed.

“I bent over and hugged her. Her hand grabbed my back and grabbed my protective clothing tightly.” Once the protective clothing was torn, Xu Huilian would be exposed professionally, and she did not dare to use force. Lying on the floor with the patient, she patted her gently with her hand to show comfort.

Seeing the patient’s emotions calmed down slowly, the nurse next to him was so anxious that he put on her face mask.

“She didn’t attack us on purpose. She was too hypoxic, and could not control her irritability. That kind of suffocation made her have such a struggle. The patient was also very poor.” After rising from the ground, Xu Hui was sweating all over her body, She felt scared. “But at the time, I couldn’t worry about it. I couldn’t control so much. As a doctor, I had this professional instinct. I would do it at risk. It was really unfortunately contagious and there was no regret.

Translated from Qianjiang Evening News

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