A Complete List of Medical Professionals Who Lost Their Lives in Fighting COVID-19 in China

Today, around 10:30 am on February 18, Dr. Liu Zhiming, director of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital and neurosurgeon expert, died of new crown pneumonia in Tongji Hospital. This is the first hospital director who lost life in fighting the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

Earlier, on February 15th, Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan reported that the 59-year-old nurse Ms. Liu Fan lost her life on February 14 due to infection with Wuhan coronavirus pneumonia. In two days, two doctors and nurses at the same hospital lost their lives.

On February 13, the National Health and Medical Commission reported 1,716 confirmed cases of medical staff and six deaths. Four days after the figure was released, the number of medical staff who died on the frontline of the epidemic has been updated to eight.

List in Wuhan

Six doctors lost their lives due to the infection of the coronavirus epidemic. There are also additional 1,102 doctors and nurses infected in Wuhan.

Liang Wudong: Doctor of Otolaryngology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Dr. Liang Wudong visited the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Hubei Province on January 16 due to physical discomfort. He was admitted to an isolation ward for hospital treatment. On January 18, he was transferred to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for further treatment. He died after ten days. The retired doctor, born in March 1959, was an ENT in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Dr. Liang was the first medical staff to sacrifice on the front line of anti-epidemic in Wuhan.

Li Wenliang: Ophthalmologist, Wuhan Central Hospital

Li Wenliang, 34, was an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital. At noon on January 10, Dr. Li began to cough, and the next day began to have a fever, with a maximum of 38.6 ° C. CT showed multiple infections of both lungs and ground glass lesions. On the afternoon of January 12, he was admitted to the department ward, and then transferred to the respiratory ward isolation ward two days later. On February 1, Li entered the ICU and had difficulty breathing. He died of illness in the early morning of February 7. Before that, Li Wenliang and his wife were waiting for the second child.

The World Health Organization said it was deeply saddened by Li Wenliang’s death and “thanks him for saving the planet with us.”

Liu Fan: Nurse, Injection Room, Liyuan Street Community Health Service Center, Wuhan Wuchang Hospital

On February 15th, Wuhan Wuchang Hospital reported on Weibo that Liu Fan, a nurse in the injection room of Liyuan Street Community Health Service Center of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, died on February 14 at the age of 59. After her death, her parents and younger brother also contracted new crown pneumonia.

Xu Hui: Leader and Vice President of the Working Group on Prevention and Treatment of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia in Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

On February 7, Xu Hui, the deputy director of the New Coronary Virus Infection Pneumonia Prevention and Treatment Working Group of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, died unfortunately at the age of 51 in the early morning of the day due to a sudden illness.

According to public information, Xu Hui has been fighting the front line of the pneumonia outbreak of new coronavirus infections.

According to the official website of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xu Hui is a master of medicine, a deputy chief physician, and a member of the Perinatal Branch of the Jiangsu Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. He has been engaged in gynecological work for 28 years. He is good at obstetric comorbidities and complications, obstetric critical care and critical care. rescue. Previously worked at Qinhuai Hospital.

Zhiming Liu: President of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital

On February 17, the media reported that Mr. Liu Zhiming, the dean of Wuchang Hospital and a neurosurgeon, died of a new crown pneumonia infection.

Wuchang Hospital is one of the first designated hospitals in Wuhan to treat patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Liu Zhiming was a tutor for master students of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine and Jianghan University before his death. He was awarded the honorary title of “Wuchang Talent” by the Wuchang District Party Committee and District Government in 2013. Candidate for “Ten Hundred Thousand Talent Project”.

Xu Defu: Dean of Mingtang Houlu Branch of Ezhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

On the evening of February 13, Dr. Xu Defu died of a new patient with new coronary pneumonia. Unfortunately, Mrs. Xu also contracted new coronary pneumonia and is currently being treated in hospital isolation. Dr. Xu is one of the top ten doctors in Ezhou City. He has been working on the front line in the fight against the new crown virus epidemic. According to media reports, Dr. Xu is 69 years old this year and is very dedicated. He also prescribes medicines for patients with gastrointestinal disorders remotely on the phone during self-isolation after symptoms have appeared.

Zhengbin Lin: Professor, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

On February 10th, Professor Lin Zhengbin, Department of Organ Transplantation, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, died unfortunately due to ineffective rescue of new coronary pneumonia.

Dr. Lin Zhengbin graduated from the Medical Department of Tongji Medical College in 1983 and has been engaged in organ transplantation for more than 30 years. Especially in kidney transplantation and postoperative treatment, treatment of chronic transplant kidney disease, and management of various complications after kidney transplantation, he has rich clinical experience.

List of Doctors Who Lost Their Lives Fighting COVID-19 (Excluding Wuhan)

Xu Hui: Leader and Vice President of the Working Group on Prevention and Treatment of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia in Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jiang Jijun: Department of Infectious Diseases, Jiangsu Taizhou People’s Hospital

On January 23, when Dr. Jiang Jijun from the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Hospital of Taizhou People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province went to the hot clinic after a round, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and fell to a job he loved. Dr. Jiang still died unfortunately at 15:00 on the same day. According to media reports, affected by the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, many people came to see the doctor. Because there were not many staffs in the department, they were almost overloaded. Today, the number of patients receiving consultations is 2-3 times as usual. He fell on the eve of New Year’s Eve.

Mao Yanghong: Deputy Director, Xianyang Town Central Health Center, Pucheng County, Fujian

Song Yingjie: Deputy Leader, Pharmacy Group, Maji Health Center, Donghu Town, Hengshan County

Wang Tucheng: Village Doctor, Xinwangzhuang Village, Dongcun Town, Changge City



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  • I am saddened because of the loss of so many doctors, but I admire their dedication and professionalism. China is becoming more and more stable, I believe this suffering will soon be overcome.

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  • To all the heroes and heroins,

    Thank you for your sacrifices!
    your great deeds for saving thousands of people’ lives will surely be remembered!!
    Our thoughts are with you.

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