Huang Xiaoming, Hu Ge, Wu Jing, and other 93 celebrities donated ambulances and other materials to Wuhan

Sohu Entertainment News February 12, Beijing time, according to Hong Kong media reports, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many stars have assumed social responsibility and have donated money and materials to the affected areas. But for the epidemic area in Wuhan, the current shortage is not money, but supplies, so the stars have purchased medical protective supplies all over the world through various channels and contacts. Recently, 93 loving stars, including Mr. Wang Zulan, Mr. Li Yanan, Mr. Huang Xiaoming, Mr. Yang Ying, Mrs. Wu Jing, Mr. Xie Nan, Mr. Cecilia Cheung, Mrs. Dawei Guanyue, Mr. Li Bingbing, Qin Lan, Chen Weiting, Wei Daxun, Yao Chen, Hu Yanbin, Zhang Yuqi, etc., in conjunction with China Siyuan Engineering Poverty Reduction Foundation (Hereinafter referred to as Siyuan Project) delivered 14 negative-pressure ambulances to Lei Shenshan Hospital and Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and cumulatively delivered 20 (10 to each) and put them into use, helping the hospital to carry out the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Yi Nengjing and Xu Zheng donated protective clothing and masks; Han Hong’s second aid to Wuhan with love is also on the way.

Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Lei Shenshan Hospital are specialized hospitals for the treatment and treatment of patients with pneumonitis infected by a new type of coronavirus. They are undertaking sacred medical treatment tasks. Negative pressure ambulances are one of the key materials needed to fight the epidemic. A group of caring stars united Siyuan Engineering recently delivered 14 negative pressure ambulances to Lei Shenshan Hospital and Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which was timely rain.

It is understood that a group of loving stars and Siyuan Engineering have temporarily sent materials to Hubei Province, including: 150,000 pairs of medical nitrile examination gloves, 50 emergency-operating ventilators, 100 heating infusion pumps, 50 high-speed emergency pumps, 20 negative pressure ambulances, 20.8 tons of 84 disinfectant, 2 new medical portable ultrasound diagnostic systems, 10,000 medical masks, 110 clothes dryers, 200 microwave ovens, 60 boxes of 3,000 new crown virus detection kits, 100,000 pieces of methylprednisolone sodium succinate for injection, 15 cases of disinfectant.

Yi Nengjing donates 1,000 German protective clothing

Taiwanese female artist Yi Nengjing donated another 1,000 pieces of German protective clothing to the affected area. Before that, she had donated 500,000 pairs of gloves and distributed them on the Lantern Festival, and delivered them to the frontline medical staff. Yi Nengjing posted a post to share the good news with everyone. It has been determined that 1,000 German protective clothing will be delivered to the first-line medical staff in Wuhan. Yi Nengjing revealed that during this time, she had been working hard to find materials, and thus realized that she was a good friend from all walks of life, searching for materials, raising funds, docking the hospital and finally delivering it in person, showing her wisdom and courage. Some people in Wuhan expressed their gratitude to Yineng Jing. Yineng Jing responded with affectionate feeling: “There are no Wuhan people, only us.”

Hu Ge donates 100 air sterilizers

In addition, Xu Zheng donated 2,000 protective clothing and 250,000 masks to Hubei after donating 50,000 masks. It is reported that in addition to this, Xu Zheng also donated very scarce medical supplies such as video laryngoscopes and disposable laryngoscopes. Subsequently, the receipt certificate flowed out online, saying that these materials were only a part of Xu Ye’s donated materials, and more materials were in place in the future.

In addition, related sources revealed that Hu Ge quietly donated 100 air sterilizers to Wuhan Children’s Hospital, spending nearly one million yuan, and wrote a letter to cheer the hospital’s medical staff: “Salute to the heroes! Hard work! Please protect yourself while treating patients! “However, Hu Ge did not take the initiative to publicly do good deeds, because the hospital’s people posted a thank-you on the Internet to expose the good deed.

Han Hong’s second phase of supporting Wuhan has been launched

Han Hong said: “Since the first phase of the ‘Han Hong Love Support Wuhan’ project has been successfully completed, the second phase of work has been carried out in an orderly manner. According to the scale of medical institutions at all levels and the number of patients, we have formulated detailed plans and focused Attention to medical institutions at the county and county levels is aimed at alleviating the pressure on grass-roots materials and improving their treatment capabilities. At present, the first batch of the second phase has reached Wuhan and surrounding cities, and the distribution has been completed.

Han Hong also announced that up to now (February 10), distributions include Fresenius multiFiltrae (5 units), medical gowns (10,000 pieces), and medical surgical masks (4,000 pieces).

Liu Shaojun volunteers in Shenzhen

Hong Kong artist Liu Shaojun spent in the Mainland during the Spring Festival. During the period from the 30th to the third day of the year, he kept doing charity work in Beijing and Tianjin, buying a lot of stationery and supplies, and spending the New Year with a group of autistic children. After Liu Shaojun returned to Hong Kong, he encountered the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so he decided to go to Shenzhen to work as an anti-epidemic volunteer and try his best to help those in need. In addition, during the Qiqi epidemic, Liu Shaojun did not forget his work. He researched the script with the screenwriter in Shenzhen, hoping to return to Hong Kong to host the opera again on time.

Director Lu Chuan [Weibo] expressed his hope that he could do his part as a filmmaker and go to the scene to record this precious history with video. He said: “The medical staff and commanders who work in the field, as well as our battlefield reporters, pay attention to safety and take care of your body. You are the cutest people. May the epidemic end soon!” (Miao Fei


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